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Invoice Discounting

About Invoice Discounting with BDB

Through our Invoice Discounting scheme, we partner with Buyers to pay Sellers what they are owed promptly, and offer Buyers flexibility with repaying the bank. The scheme enables SMEs to receive early payment for their products and services in a convenient and timely manner.  The scheme also aims to enhance working capital management and improve the cash flow of businesses involved in the supply chain.

  • Benefits:
  • Improved working capital management for stakeholders.
  • Promotes transparency and visibility in the financing process.
  • Great alternative to conventional loans.
  • Reduced risk exposure for the Buyers and Sellers.
  • Simplified payment processes and reduced administrative burden.
  • Leads to stronger, more stable supply chains.
  • Access to affordable financing at competitive rates and favorable terms.
  • Enhanced liquidity for SME Sellers through early payment.
  • Increased collaboration between the Buyers and Sellers.

  • How it works:

We will work directly with Buyers who will provide us with the approved invoices received from their Sellers. BDB will then facilitate the payment directly to the Sellers and allow the Buyer to repay the bank as per the agreed upon terms.

We define Buyers as financially strong entities who can lend their creditworthiness as part of the financing arrangement, enabling Sellers (SMEs) to access cash flow at competitive rates. Buyers can participate in this scheme to benefit from improved supplier relationships, as Sellers will be able to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently.

We define Sellers as SMEs who have to manage their working capital needs and are looking for support schemes that will give them quick access to required funds. The scheme will allow them to meet their financial obligations and invest in the growth of their businesses.

Buyers who are interested in being part of the scheme can reach out to our customer support representatives at or visit any of our branches.

If you are an approved Anchor or Supplier, use the below link to Login

For more information on BDB’s Invoice Discounting, please visit our FAQs section, or contact our Call Centre Agents on +973 17 511111 or speak to a Customer Service representative at your nearest branch.

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