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About tijara Digital Banking

tijara is the Digital Banking arm of Bahrain Development Bank. This state-of-the-art e-Banking platform offers efficient, smart and convenient banking solutions to facilitate business transactions and enable easy access to express digital loans.

tijara was designed to empower the SME and start-up segments in the Kingdom of Bahrain through a simplified digital banking offering, swift and hassle-free processes, and faster access to financing to fuel their growth.

The launch of tijara supports the country’s digital transformation ambitions and commitment to enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and fueling economic growth in the SME sector through flexible, innovative and accessible financial services and financing solutions.

  • tijara pillars

tijara was developed based on three guiding principles, to deliver a quick and seamless banking experience SMEs can depend on to help them achieve their business ambitions. 

  • Service Convenience
  • Efficient Processing
  • Fast & Timely Delivery
  • tijara benefits 

tijara offers a suite of benefits to customers looking for simplified and convenient banking solutions 

  • Efficient processing of business transactions, payments and salary transfers – from the time of application to disbursement.
  • Seamless banking experience 
  • Quick access to financing 

How do we keep your account secure?

    How to Register for Digital Banking

    Registering on the tijara e-Banking platform is quick and seamless, and can be done in minutes by simply downloading and filling out the online application form. If your business is aPartnership, WLL, or BSC, you will be required to also provide the board resolution document signed and stamped on your company’s letterhead, along with the completed application form.

    Single User Registration

    Single User Registration works similarly to personal banking, and enables users to manage all their banking services independently.

    Simply download and complete the application form with all the company and User 1 details by selecting the Single User option. You can then submit your application form along with the board resolution document (if applicable to your business) at your nearest branch.

    Multiple User Registration

    Multiple User Registration enables the creation of different user roles and access rights.
    *Refer to the Understanding User Roles section below to determine the best approach for your business.The simplest form of

    Multiple User Registration is a single Poster and a single Approver.

    To apply:
    • Download the application form
    • Complete the Company Details section
    • Fill in the User 1 details of the Poster & User 2 details of the Approver
    • Select All Transactions and All Accounts for both, and set to Bank’s default limits
    • Submit the application along with the board resolution document (if applicable to your business), online.
    To add more roles
    • Complete the Other User Information details.
    • You can select the relevant user role, and select the preferred access to the transaction rights and applicable Bank default limits
    If your business requires a more comprehensive approval structure fill out the user details in the application form and just add your approval matrix in the board resolution.

    User Roles


    (Mandatory): The Poster is the user who will initiate transactions on behalf of the company. The Poster will also have access to view all accounts, balances and statements.


    (Mandatory): The Approver is the user who will approve transactions on behalf of the company based on the limits set for them.

    Note: If a minimum limit is set for the Approver, any transaction below that limit conducted by the Poster, will not require an Approver.


    (Optional): The Inquirer is the user who will be able to view the company accounts, balances and statements. This user will not be able to initiate any transactions on behalf of the company.


    (Optional): The Checker is the user who will be able to review transactions of the company initiated by the Poster. They will be able to either reject the transactions or submit them for final approval to the Approver.

    For more information on tijara, including registration support, please visit our FAQs section, or contact your Relationship Manager.

    You may also reach out to any of our Call Centre Agents on +973 17 511111 or speak to a Customer Service representative at your nearest branch.

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